Monday, May 7, 2007


ITS ALMOST OVER!!!! Did you see what candyteevee saw yesterday? Tony's making a deal with the feds? Paulie and Chris are going to kill each other? AJ transforing into his dad?
Chris ready to tell all to anyone and everyone about Adrianna? HERE are candyteevee 's
predictions:::: AJ dies, Tony kills both Paulie and Chris and gets off because the arabs he ratted out to the feds end up trying to do something bad and get busted. He and Carm end up retird in Arizona. What do you think? Click here to tell me if you see what candyteevee sees.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

candyteevee tonight 4/29

Tonight's the night!!!! Sopranos Sopranos Sopranos
Last week was CRAZEE says candyteevee.
I thought maybe I inadvertently switched to AMC and ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO"S
NEST was playing!! Junior and his new little "looney" friend almost stole the show from
Tony and Paulie. Paulie whacked? No, not just yet. Is someone gonna be offed tonight?
Press the correct button on your remote and find out, then come back to candyteevee to
find out what I have to say about it!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

candyteevee see: IDOL 4/17

candyteevee: I watched Idol last night and I was pleasantly surprised!! Not being much of a country music fan I thought it was going to be a wasted hour of my life that I'd never get back!
The following is what I SEE

PHIL: WOW!! I think he may have found his calling. It was nice to see him enjoy himself (without all that Boy George make-up on) Little too late.....

JORDIN: I have to tell you at the beginning of the competition (contest?!?!) she wasn't a favorite of mine. Yet, through the weeks she has grown on me.

SANJAYA: Finally Randy, Paula & Simon give this kid the truth. Come on AMERICA, its time to not vote for Sanjaya anymore!!! He seems to be losing his teevee charm and is coming off a little too cocky. MOMMA DON"T LET YOUR TWEENS VOTE FOR SANJAYA!!

LAKISHA: In the beginning she was my favorite. She seems to be losing her interest week after week.

CHRIS: Not one of my favorites. BUT, CUTE TO SEE ON candyteevee!!!

MELINDA: Okay, three things: 1) she does have a neck!!! 2) she ALMOST made it through the night without looking surprised (if you look, when Simon is critiquing her she lets the eyes slip a bit) I picture her practicing her "non surprised look" in front of the mirror 5 hours a day!!! 3) she's the absolute best and better win!!!

BLAKE: Thank god he didn't try to beat box to a country song!!!! Is he trying to bring "preppy-back"?!?! ANOTHER CUTE TO SEE ON candyteevee!!!

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